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Essay on Importance of Yoga Short Speech, Paragraph,

The yoga originated from India. India is famous in the whole world for yoga. Yoga is not just a physical activity, it’s a way of living life. To make students understand the importance of yoga, schools and colleges across India ask their students to write essays, prepare a speech o the importance of yoga. Sometimes they are asked to write a paragraph on yoga in their exams too. So in this article, we have written an essay on yoga in simple English language so that it can be useful for students in class or grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7,  and even higher grades like 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. This essay will also help you for your speech and paragraph too. So let’s start. Essay on Importance of Yoga in Our Life Yoga is one of the ancient art forms which was originated in India thousand years ago. Yoga is a Sanskrit word derived from Yuj which means Unite in its ordinary senses. It is the connection of individual Soul to the Divine soul. It’s a system of mental and physical discipline which controls the mind and the body. Yoga is a way of life. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, a teenager, an adult, man or a woman; it helps to deal with daily life stress by connecting you with the inner you. According to the National Institute of health, it is proven that yoga helps in solving all the body and mind related issues, it is a therapy to all your worries, it improves your sense of power. There are different types of Yoga for different people depending upon their flexibility and masculinity. One of the simplest forms of Yoga is the “Hatha Yoga” which is the general form of yoga it is controlling of breathing while being in the same posture. “Vinyasa” is arranging something in a particular way it’s the coordination of body that takes place and breath control while going in one position to the another.”Ashtanga” yoga is the internal cleansing of the whole body by doing the asanas it makes the blood hot thus improving proper circulation of blood which helps in removing pain and diseases from the body. It is one of the traditional forms which are known to all. Bikram Yoga is the hot yoga style which is done in the temperature 35 to 42-degree Celsius in a closed room which helps in removing toxic substance from the body. Laughter yoga also is known as Hasya Yoga as the name tells it is fake laugh performed in a group which helps in reducing stress and improving the immune system relaxing the whole body. Meditation is a process in which mind is controlled giving our body a deep rest. Practicing meditation every day in the morning provides you with a fresh start, you go into the beast mode to tackle and handle every situation. Pranayama which focuses on deep breathing and general stretching enriches the blood with oxygen and gives you peace of mind. And the list of different forms of Yoga goes like Yin Yoga, Kundalini Iyengar, etc. helping you protect from modern lifestyle disease. In today’s globalized world, youths are under immense stress and even in depression too; practicing yoga and playing outdoor games will help them cope up with academic stress, handle emotional situations, inspire them and also assist them to gain self-confidence. “When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.” In late 19th-century Swami Vivekanand from the India spread the yoga in the western world which was later followed by the other gurus. The United States is a massive industry of yoga, which also manufactures Yoga Mats, clothes, books, videos, online and studio courses etc. A lot of Hollywood celebrities do yoga and they get good media coverage, which helps yoga spread in the western world. Other arts like Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu also spread there, but it remained with the younger generation as the old people cannot do it, yoga has no age limit, even elderly people can enjoy the benefits of yoga. Yoga is like a gift to the whole world from India. An international day of yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations on 11th December to promote Global Health, Peace, and Harmony which was proposed by Narendra Modi. Later he also suggested the day of 21st June since it is the longest day of the year. He also holds a name in Limca book of record for performing Yoga simultaneously with 35,985 people. Yoga plays a significant role in every individual, improves health, it is the cure to all your problems in life. There are so many benefits that it can’t be counted, it’s a beautiful gift by God to the humankind. Essay on How Yoga changed my life. Speech on Importance of Yoga Today we are gathered here to celebrate world yoga day. But first, let me ask you a question.  Have you all got health insurance? No…No… I am not an Insurance company salesman. It is a basic need for today’s lifestyle. Most of you must have got it done. It is for the future emergency. But have you ever thought of the people in ancient times? They didn’t have any insurance and all they use to insure themselves with the Power of Yoga. People used to perform yoga which made them fit and healthy which use to keep them away from all the negativity. You must have seen the world famous yoga guru Baba Ramdev on television doing yoga, thinking it’s too complicated, but yoga is done for all whether you’re a couch potato or a sports person, size does not matter because there are modifications for every yoga. Doing Yoga regularly for at least 10 minutes in the morning keeps you fit healthy and wise. Makes you feel energetic the whole day, builds muscle, gives you proper body posture thus helping you in building self-confidence. There are different asanas which can be performed; yoga is all about controlling your breath it is honestly said the one who can control his breath could control anything in this world. In the world of Globalisation of growing technology, everything is made so easy that people be restless at home and stress a lot of the things in their offices, schools and day to day life. Yoga is one of the useful tools to combat with today’s world problem. According to the National Institute of health, it is proven that yoga helps in solving all the body and mind related issues.Yoga is not about only about exercise it is about connecting your senses to nature. We should thank Swami Vivekanand and other gurus that they spread our yoga culture to the western world, and now it has gained popularity than in India. Today the world of the west is the massive industry for yoga which also manufactures Yoga carpets, Yoga clothes, media files such as audio and video. Yoga there is followed by the mutual man to the big celebrities, they know the actual difference between the fitness and health. It is a valuable gift from the ancient tradition to the world. Now it’s our time to preserve what our culture has given us.As the internet has become our part of life, let us make Yoga also the part of life and live a joyful life and make this place a Healthy India. I hope this article helps you write the essay and prepare a speech on yoga. It would be a great contribution from you guys if you help you to translate this essay into other languages like Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada etc.

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